Welcome to Damian's Front Porch!

Doesn't that sound better than "Welcome to my Web Site"? I guess I picture my howling wolf mat at front of the door... maybe a chair or two... preferably a swing... You would knock, and I would come to the door and let you in... And I'd say, "What's the news? Where've you been?"... We'd catch up for a while, and then I'd show you around...

Reading List
Photo Gallery
YouTube Videos & Music

I've built this web site so that I could teach myself HTML and JavaScript, and perhaps open another form of communication with you. Over the years I've run across some interesting and thought-provoking quotes, and so I've provided them for you. In order to "click-through" to other things I've found I have provided Links & Pieces pages (for longer pieces). I also have a Photo Gallery, so I can share some of the pictures I've taken (or been in) along the way.
Just for the record, I've established a resume page.

I put together a set of photos I've taken over the last 20 years and combined it with an instrumental piece I wrote: Limping Towards Understanding.

I posted a couple of music/videos from Camp Onkoi Benek: The Rainbow Connection and a 12-string Tribute to Jimmy Varon.

I've started a Memorials page, starting with a page for my old buddy, Craig VanLaanen and my Dad.

My friend Karen and I were captured on video waltzing together at Glen Echo - one of the nicest dance floors around...

I was part of a performance of a Victorian-Era Viennese Waltz at the Columbine Ball in 1996.

I've started a reading list (which includes an up-to-date list of what I am currently reading) so that I could keep track of some of the reading I've been doing over the years. I would always love to talk about these books - anytime.

My buddy Alex was in town and took this video of me playing bones with The Fabulous Glen Echo Open Band.

I was interviewed for The Advisory Board Company's boardroom (showed in March, 2015) as a UXC (User Experience Community) Spotlight.

And like so many people of our age I have an Instagram Page (or lots of them, really - there are *lots* of scenic pictures below the many family pictures).