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My primary source of national and international news is The Economist
     (I believe the perspective is consistent with my own, and is as objective as I've found. I don't agree with everything, but it's good reading)

I am a very intent student of the Infinite Way - which was brought to this World through Joel S. Goldsmith
     (It is a very powerful teaching, which I find to be completely consistent with the teachings of the Metaphysical Church)

James Graffenberg is a massage therapist who specializes in Active Isolated Stretching.
     (of soft tissue release techniques for addressing muscle spasms and other long-term muscle & soft tissue issues)

My favorite performer is John McCutcheon. I deeply admire his blend of political and traditional consciousness
     (I've also been honored to have performed on stage with John 3 times - one of my favorite stories)

I've been reading Doonesbury since the last 1/2 of the 70's. Trudeau has been an *excellent* companion on the ride. I usually start my (computing) day with a Daily Dose of Doonesbury

I'm something of a Cirque Du Soleil nut. The level of performance and synchronicity is truly amazing to me.
     (The first time I saw a recorded performance was on New Year's Eve, 1999. Bravo was running a marathon - it saved the night!!!)

Potter's House is a wonderful combination of Coffehouse, Bookstore, Art Gallery and Performance Space
     (I've been a MC for benefits, written an instruction manual for benefits, used the performance space, consumed lots of good food))

I have served the Guatemala Human Rights Commission-USA since October, 2001
     (I redesigned their web site, provided I.T. consulting, and have been something of a spiritual roadie)

My favorite search engine is still Google
     (I felt a real sense of pride (which may be silly, but...) when this website came up on the first page of a search for my name)

A Research Study: User-Friendly Computerized Quality Assurance Program for Regionalized Neonatal Care
     (A neonatal study resulting from a database I established tracking premature-infant transports to the Univ. of Mich. Hospitals)

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