Economic Growth...
(from a box of Celestial Seasons Chamomile tea)

In the past, we have relied on economic growth to solve the problems of unemployment & poverty. We have sometimes mass produced goods that weren't really needed or produced needed goods that wouldn't last. This constantly increasing level of production created jobs, raising the income of the wealthy and the poor, while consuming valuable resources such as metal, work, energy, chemicals, petroleum products, and time.

Now resource constraints, environmental considerations and rising world inflation make growth for its own sake a dangerous solution. If we are to have a stable and economic economy, industry must serve our true needs by placing an emphasis on quality before quantity. This means determining our long range needs and gearing our industry towards filling them. When we make industry human, building it to serve people, it will flourish with full employment and economic stability. Eventually, such an advanced system will create a far greater harmony than exists in the world today. "