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Edward F. Kiska Memorial
(given at Dad's Last Service)


My father was a good man. He lived a deep commitment to home and family, to work and community, to honesty and integrity, to Love and Marriage.

He was strong, willing to give everything he had to the responsibilities he had freely taken.

I will miss Edward F. Kiska. I learned from him what it means to be a man. I can think of no better teacher. If I could pick any man I know for a father - I would pick him.

Roles My Father Fulfilled


   •  Son & Brother
   •  (Reluctant) Soldier/Radio Operator/Spark Knocker
   •  Student/Boarder
   •  Boyfriend/Fiance/Groom/Husband/Lover/Friend
   •  Son In Law/Brother in Law
   •  Father
   •  Employee
   •  (Master Craftsman) Watchmaker
   •  Clockmaker
   •  Businessman/Proprietor
  •   Father In Law
   •  Grandfather
   •  Golf Buddy
   •  Uncle
   •  Patient
   •  Community Member (just look at all the former neighbors here)
   •  Friend
   •  Listener
   •  Political Analyst
   •  (Budding) Computer User

 Most of all: Husband, Father, and Grandfather

The Store

   •  Getting Started (Mom backing him)
     Incredible amounts of hours …
   •  Nice place to come and talk/shop
   •  Favorite capitalist - committed to the customer's best interest and repeat business
     Unquestioned Integrity
   •  Mom & Dad working together all that time

   The Family

     Always glad to have one more
     Pitched in while we were real young
     Taking us on vacations
     Showing up at our events
     Glad to be a Grandfather
     Committed to marriage



   •  Watchmakers & Jewelers Golf League
   •  P.G.A. (Polish Golfers Association)
   •  A time when he really relaxed
   •  A social game…
   •  Something to sink your teeth into

Things I've learned from my Father:

   The importance of follow-through on commitment to wife and family.
   The value of hard work.
   How to catch a fly on a picnic table.
   Golf can be singularly the most challenging, frustrating, social, exhilarating, rewarding, fun game you can possibly take into retirement.
Life in this Society is fascinating, while at the same time there is nothing new under the Sun. That History teaches a lot about who we are and how we play things out. ("Will the Stories told when I am old remind us straight and clear: That courage has no meaning without fear. And the past is not a Window - but a Mirror." John McCutcheon)
   Being a good man is intrinsically valuable. That when all is said and done - the man that looks back at you from the mirror in the morning (and all the people that depend on him) deserves and requires your best. Whatever best you can provide.
   You can never underestimate the importance of good mate who will stand behind you all the way. That you can never really fail with the support of a good woman.
   Regardless of the noise and nonsense which happens in our society - you still need to show up for work and for your family.
   There is a better way for us to come together as a people and take care of our common affairs.
   Democracy is important. And maybe if we had a little more of it around here we wouldn't have so many people hurting.
   There is nothing as glorious as holding your grandchild in your arms. Knowing that you've done your part to pass on a better World.

Hard Working
Follows Through

 Interested in Others
   Good Humor

Most of all: Being a Vital Man of Integrity

I worry not for him where he is now. While his heart was diseased, I think everyone here agrees that it was made of gold. That he lived well, and fully, and carries no bad debts with him to the place of Spirit beyond this Life.

May the Good Lord bless you in your new home. And may you know just how much it has meant to us having you here with us - making this World a better place.


Dad …

Thank you for being a great father.

Thank you for picking Mary Clare as your wife and our Mother.

Thank you for working your ass off all those years to provide for us.

Thank you for showing us all that Integrity matters a lot more than being rich or famous or well connected.

Thank you for you humanity, your courage, and your life.


May you know peace, Edward Kiska.

You are, and will always be, one of the best men I will ever know.

You will be remembered.

You will be missed.